Welcome, Friends!

Me PictureThis is the author site and blog of Courteney Levet. That’s me. By clicking through this site you can learn about me, Courteney, my publications and WIP projects, and even my thoughts on various writing related topics.

Here you will find a heaping helping of thoughts about things from writing inspiration, to post-apocalyptic stories, and even cats. Yes, cats. Usually, dogs are toted as man’s best friend, but cats, in large part, have called dibs on the artist, the writer, the up all night stay at homer. (Note: not necessarily Homer.)

I, Courteney Levet, encourage each of you, friends, to engage in discussions on the topics found on my blog. I encourage you to share your thoughts and to reach out to the other lovers of books and literature who have found their ways here. Most importantly, I encourage you to enjoy yourselves, because that’s the point, really. You’ve made your way here so have a wonderful stay.