Prompt Writings: Understanding

I know that I said Prompt Writings would be every other week, but I want to switch things around a little for the last two posts of the year. Next week I want to take time to reflect on the year, so this week will once again be a Prompt Writings post.

The new year will return to the regular every-other-week post, starting on January 2, 2017 with a Prompt Writings post.

So, this is prompt 6. The goal is to take a common cliché or saying and turn it into the first line of a poem. Please, write your own responses to the prompt.


They dodged a bullet there
only to catch the repercussions here.
Ushered in, a false sense of security.
Looked down on by those who say they lack purity

of thought, of religion, of body.

Hate spread through fear,
fear mongering,
of anything that defies the norm,
of anyone who defies the norm,

of anyone who is easy to blame.

It is easier to point the finger outward
than consider you may be in part to blame
for the chaos that ensues
throughout this

land of the free

and home of the brave
who allow their fear to breed
and feed an innocent’s grave.
A nation of immigrants, a melting pot,

oh the irony there.

Perhaps it is more like hypocrisy
that hate perpetuates hate
when empathy could easy enter the debate.
But hate is easier than empathy;

hate requires a coward’s touch.

It is easier to be out of touch
with the realities that others face
than to face ourselves
and let our own imperfections and shortfalls

lift the weight off the shoulders of others.

Understanding is what should be strived for here,
not the blatant blaming of a person
simply for the color of their skin
or the person that they themselves

can’t help but love.

Consider how not everyone likes peanut butter,
although it is nice to share.
But if someone refuses your peanut butter
in preference for an apple

don’t just go shoving your own belief down their throat.

It is okay that you like peanut butter.
And it is okay that they don’t.
People believe different things,
people have different tastes;

humanity is defined by our diversity.

What is not okay is a verdict,
for those with different beliefs.
I hope you are never the reason someone says

they dodged a bullet here.

Okay. So. I originally thought this prompt was going to be goofy or fun.

I was a little bit off with that, wouldn’t you say?

I was reading through a list of common clichés and when I read “They dodged a bullet there” the second line immediately pushed itself into my thoughts. I continued down the list because, like I said, I was looking for something fun. Nothing else really sparked my creativity.

It is the middle of the holidays and I was hoping to offer something, well, hopeful.

This post is going live late this Monday because I couldn’t decide if I actually wanted to share it or not.

This poem may be the result of a recent discussion with a friend. This friend and I were discussing a political topic and found that we agreed that a lack of understanding and biased logic lead to the prevalence of some of the big issues right now. Those were our beliefs that we just happened to share.

Circular reasoning aside, one of the things that bothers me most is when a person uses their preferences as evidence and reason to prevent someone from having their own preferences.

I’m all for others having their own opinions on things and I’m not going to force anyone to fall in line with my beliefs. I choose to share them with you all, but you can choose if you want to read them or not.

So, did any of you write to the prompt? Did your poems turn out fun and goofy? As a reflection of your frustrations? Something else entirely?

As always, friends, feel free to share what you wrote in the comments.


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