The Write Life for Me: Life Update

Okay. It has been a little bit since my last post. Sorry about that, friends.

Life. You know?

I have recently found myself in the middle of a stinky swamp of a writing slump. It’s been like sloshing through putrid swamp sludge with a hole in my waders while trudging noxious bubbles up to the surface with each effortful step.

Not very fun at all.

That isn’t to say I haven’t had my creativity yanking at my sleeve. I’ve wanted to create…I just haven’t been able to create.

The spring and most of the summer so far has been like this.

I’ve been keeping busy, though. I’ve been working. I was actually hired at this little garden/general store that is like this hidden gem in my neighborhood.

I’ve also been tending to my relatively extensive garden. You see, the problem with liking to garden and working at a a place that sells plants is that temptation often wins out and you end up spending money on plants as soon as you get paid. But my backyard looks beautiful, so it’s worth it.


My yard isn’t just flowers. I have tons of veggies and fruits, which means the plants end up paying for themselves when you take into account what the edibles would cost in the store.

So work and the garden have been keeping me busy. But I have also been redoing my personal space. Washing and painting walls gets very tedious (even if you are listening to HGTV to motivate yourself). It doesn’t help things when some of the trim and doors were previously painted a dark blue and you now want them a crisp white.

And then there is my empathetic self taking in everything that is going on in the world right now. It’s draining and has left me leaning more toward video games and gardening, and less toward writing and reading. (If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my Skyrim misadventure with a blood dragon.)

With the garden more or less established for the year and one of two rooms washed and painted, I’ve had a little more time to write.

The last few weeks have been slower at work, giving my brain more time to wander while I priced things and tidied up and whatnot. It allowed me to mentally write a few scenes, and between Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights this last week I wrote almost 5,000 words.

The fact that I was writing felt great. The scenes that I’m currently writing…eh…not so much. I had to stop a few times and shake off the cringiness. I’m nearly at the end of the rough draft of Book 2 for my Dythoids series, so the tension is definitely rising.

Characters are hurting. Physically (a lost eye here, some acid blisters there) and emotionally.

I have had some fellow writer friends show interest in helping to rips apart my writing so I can stitch it back together in an even cooler way. Shout out to those awesome people.

It’ll still be awhile before I reach that point. With my pantser approach to writing, I’m going to have to do a lot of cleanup once I finish writing the trilogy’s rough drafts.

Right now I know there are a number of inconsistencies that are driving me crazy. I want to go back in and fix them all right now but things might shift again so I have to wait until I’m done.

Anyway, this has been a life update. I’m hoping to post another blog soon-ish in response to something that came up on a talk show that was on at work.

If any of you have helpful activities or organizations that you know of that are free or don’t cost a lot of out-of-pocket money, please comment below. It can be anything from paying it forward at a coffee shop to fundraising for an event to even just donating your time at an animal shelter.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Have a great week, everyone.

Until next time,



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