Dythoids by Courteney Levet
The working cover for Dythoids by Courteney Levet

It has been several hundred years since the Last Great War and the Decision that annihilated almost everyone on Earth. What survivors there are sought shelter in war bunkers that reach deep underground. Humans have since returned to the surface, but the landscape is a shell of what it once was.

Anastasia (Stasia), a young woman who has never before left her war bunker compound finds herself travelling across a desolated North America on the back of a mechanical dragon by the name of Cogs. Cogs, a member of the Draconesuperi species, needs Stasia’s help to find and acquire three gyroscopic devices called Dythoids. The Dythoids will help save the world from continued destruction. Their task is complicated by run-ins with factions, warrior tribes, and giant hive beetles called Scavengers that use their acid spit to melt metal. Stasia and Cogs must depend on each other to survive and succeed in this harsh environment.