The Dythoids Trilogy

When anger fueled the skies, the seas, and the souls of the people, no good could come to the Earth or her children. The original timeline is dead.

The Draconesuperi—mechanical dragons that exist in the space between time and dimensions—know that there is a past, there is the present, but there is no future. Not for this timeline.

But there is a way to fix things.

There are three Dythoids, three gyroscopic devices, that can help pull the Earth back from the brink of extinction. Used correctly, the Earth will be gifted with a second chance.

In Book 1, The Beginning, the task of collecting the Dythoids from around the North American continent falls on the shoulders of a young red-headed Stasia. Stasia must not only find the three Dythoids and activate the Switch, she must do so while battling giant acid spitting beetles and the roaming gangs of warriors that commune with and worship them telepathically.

Book 2, The Reset, and Book 3, The Hybrid, focus on the Crow Clan, their contributions to the cause, and their struggle to make up for a regretful past. Older sisters Talia and Arin battle internal and external demons as they try to keep their family safe and help the Dragonesuperi lead the resistance against the giant beetles and rest of their former coalition.

The series delves into themes of abuse, love, environmentalism, and war. Contradictory perspectives create grey areas surrounding the different sides of this battle for existence that may leave some readers questioning which side they support.