Dythoids: Making Progress, Inspired by Reality

I've made a lot of progress with my Dythoids trilogy lately. It hasn't all been words-on-page progress, but it has been progress. My writing has been a big coping mechanism for me lately. The world, especially my North American corner of it, is struggling. Social and political issues have been forefront for some time now, [...]


Dythoids: Talkative Characters

Instead of a Prompt Writings post this week, I'm going to share a little snapshot that popped into my head the other day after watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I'm just skipping Prompt 8 because it is boring. 40 things I've done this month? Nah. Prompt 9 seems pretty interesting, though, so [...]

Dythoids: It Pays to be Prepared

Humanity survives during the Last Great War only because there are underground communities, compounds, located in--or just outside--major cities. These communities take missile silo bunkers to the extreme. These structures are suppose to be entirely self sufficient, but sometimes things go wrong. Each compound was provided with certain necessities, such as factory floors, boiler basements, [...]